Kingfu Logistics is an international freight forwarding company ,founded in 2008. We are a well-established and highly reputable firm with 10-year experience specializing in the sea freight and air freight service businesses. Our main focus is logistics involving the transportation of freights from China and Far East Asia to Europe.
During the past ten years we here at Kingfu Logistics have established multiple relationships with some of the largest importers/exporters in China and Far East Asia. Since 2008 we have become a trusted partner with TCS Furniture and we currently provide logistical services for TCS's approximately 3000 TEUS imported across China and Far East Asia. This is one of the examples of the long term partnerships we here at Kingfu Logistics have built. Over the previous ten years we have established a large client base that trusts and relies on us to meet their logistical needs.
Kingfu Logistics ships nearly 35,000 TEUs from China and Far EastAsia to Europe anully.y We are proud to be one of the leading international forwarding companies ofering services from China and Far EastAsia to Europe by sea and air. Since our inception clients have recognized our ability to ofer more benefits than traditional freight forwarding companies.
Our Advantages:
1、We offer a full range of road, sea, and air transportation services from China and Far East Asia to European ports.
2、Reliable and cost- effective delivery of shipments.
3、Completely customized service from the collection of cargo to the final destination.
4、We have strong booking agents in China. Due to the excellent relationship we have established with multiple carriers, we guarantee a space and space protection even in peak seasons.
5、We are committed to delivering a personal and tailored approach to each and every client.
6、At Kingfu Logistics Ltd you will enjoy the very best customer service matched with extremely competitive price.
Whatever your consignment, wherever it needs to go, we can take it by road, by sea, or by air and deliver it on time and in good condition with the same level of care and attention as if you had done it yourself.And all you need to do is tell us what, where, and when and we'll do the rest.
Kingfu supply chain is committed to providing customized and specialized supply chain service solutions for enterprises.