What are the Advantages of Sea Freight?

What are the Advantages of Sea Freight?
There are many advantages to using sea freight to import your shipments. These include:
1、Cost – Businesses looking to import shipments significant in size and in large quantities find sea freight one of the most cost-effective ways to transport it. Sea freight has been known to be 4- 6 times cheaper than air freight. Additionally, taxes are calculated in a different way to air freight keeping the costs down in other ways.
2、The different options available with sea freight could suit a number of businesses. Sharing containers spreads the cost between companies.
3、Sea freight importing does not have as many restrictions of what companies can import, in terms of size and amount as other methods do. Bigger items such as furniture or vehicles isn’t going to be so much of a problem by sea as it would by air.
4、Sea freight is pretty much accessible from anywhere in the world.
5、Sea freight importing is much better for the environment than other methods.

How Sea Freight Works?
Companies use freight companies for their extensive knowledge of importing and customs processes. Processes can be complex and mistakes are costly to fix. Having a shipping company taking the reins ensures that shipments get to their intended location as smoothly as possible.
Companies arranging a shipment to be transported usually go through the following process:
1、Find a shipping company and negotiate the price of the shipment
2、Collection of the goods from the supplier to the shipping company
3、Transferring the shipment from the port and into Customs
4、Goods are loaded into either FCL or LCL containers and loaded onto a cargo ship
5、On arrival in to the UK, the shipment is met by customs and released on receipt of duty paid
6、Delivery of the goods to their final destination.
7、Sea freight shipments are not hard to arrange assuming the shipping company is reputable and cost-effective. When ensuring shipments reach their final destination in good time, planning and organisation are required. Despite all of this sea freight is still the most cost-effective way of shipping goods all around the world.