Six new trends in home consumption(1)

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)  has spawned six new trends in home furnishing consumption

Home furnishing materials market, which is heavily dependent on home furnishing stores and offline marketing activities, is showing a downturn in the consumer attitudes, which are affected by New Coronavirus, which are restricted by consumer behavior, reduced in consumption intention and rational in consumption attitudes. The epidemic has brought unprecedented impact to the home building materials market, but there are often opportunities behind a crisis. The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic home furnishing consumption trend is analyzed and observed, and the following are the following: healthy home furnishing products are popular; Smart home products meet development opportunities; Small kitchen appliances are popular; Local rectification and old house renovation demand detonated the secondary decoration market; The rapid rise of prefabricated decoration; Intelligent buildings have become the new normal.

1. Healthy household products are popular

According to the survey results, 85% of the respondents said that they pay attention to "health" when purchasing household products, and 65% of the users said that after experiencing the epidemic, they would consider installing fresh air, air purification, water purification and other systems to improve the household environment. With the concept of healthy home deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, home enterprises have entered the bureau to strengthen the R & D of health-related products. In February 2020, Haier launched a central air conditioning system solution that can actively change fresh air, which can not only actively monitor the air quality 24 hours a day and timely ventilate, but also actively purify the air and ensure that the air is fresh and clean at all times; In March, Midea IOT released Midea Meiju app6.2 and launched a new "family microclimate" air management function; In addition, Haier, Hisense and Midea have successively launched sterilization and bacteriostasis refrigerators.

2. Smart home products meet development opportunities

During the long-term home isolation period, people are easily imprisoned by cumbersome housework and inconvenient daily life, hoping to seek a more convenient, comfortable and pleasant home lifestyle. Smart home not only saves everyone from heavy labor with innovative technology, but also brings you a safer and intelligent life experience with contactless interaction. Compared with traditional home building materials, the installation process of smart home is relatively simple, online purchase is relatively convenient, and the dependence on offline channels is low. During the epidemic period, smart home was not affected by the depressed offline consumption, but benefited from the continuous improvement of consumer awareness and ushered in new development opportunities.

3. Kitchen appliances are popular

The epidemic has triggered an interesting phenomenon - the whole people learn to cook. According to the introduction of food lover Lulu, during the epidemic period, both food experts and kitchen Xiaobai joined the kitchen one after another to explore a new food world with unlimited enthusiasm for life. A round of food competition was also launched in the circle of friends, including rice cooker cake, cranberry biscuits, cold skin, fried Mahua and other food.

"While challenging the limits of family food, we also meet social needs, which has led to a sharp rise in the sales of small kitchen appliances such as electric pressure cooker, air fryer, electric oven and micro steaming and baking machine."