Six new trends in home consumption(2)

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)  has spawned six new trends in home furnishing consumption

Home furnishing materials market, which is heavily dependent on home furnishing stores and offline marketing activities, is showing a downturn in the consumer attitudes, which are affected by New Coronavirus, which are restricted by consumer behavior, reduced in consumption intention and rational in consumption attitudes. The epidemic has brought unprecedented impact to the home building materials market, but there are often opportunities behind a crisis. The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic home furnishing consumption trend is analyzed and observed, and the following are the following: healthy home furnishing products are popular; Smart home products meet development opportunities; Small kitchen appliances are popular; Local rectification and old house renovation demand detonated the secondary decoration market; The rapid rise of prefabricated decoration; Intelligent buildings have become the new normal.

4. Improved demand becomes a trend
During the epidemic, consumers stayed at home for a long time and began to pay attention to the comfort, health and safety of their home. After re examining their home environment, they inevitably found various deficiencies. Among them, the home area is too small, poor storage conditions, poor ventilation, poor lighting, poor sanitary conditions and other problems are widely criticized.
However, due to the epidemic situation, the demand for offline decoration could not be released, and then turned to online. Some insiders pointed out that online home decoration soft decoration may usher in a wave of growth.

5. Rise of prefabricated decoration
A novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak. China has built Leishen mountain and Huoshen mountain hospitals. In only more than ten days, the two hospitals successfully delivered. Behind the amazing speed of China is the rise of China's assembly power.
As a witness to the construction of Wuhan Liangshan hospital, Dong Lei, vice president of Suzhou Keyi Residential Equipment Co., Ltd., introduced that Liangshan hospital adopts a standardized and modular overall bathroom design. Firstly, it is prefabricated in the factory and assembled on site. A mature overall bathroom can be assembled in four hours.

6. Smart buildings become the new normal
Affected by COVID-19, people are segregated from their homes or AB shifts. In the actual home life, work and study, people generally have higher requirements for the epidemic prevention facilities of buildings in the community, the convenience of daily life, and the interconnection system of office space. Intelligent buildings have gradually come into people's vision.
What is an intelligent building? According to the definition given by Baidu Encyclopedia, intelligent buildings mainly include video monitoring system, security alarm system, building intercom system, access control all-in-one card system, multimedia information release system, multimedia conference system, etc.
Intelligent buildings can provide people with higher security, convenience, production efficiency and other advantages from all aspects. " After the epidemic, everyone will have a clearer or deeper understanding of the whole building, giving birth to the improvement of building quality, including the popularization of building informatization and the application of new building parts and building technology. "Wei Xi predicted that intelligent buildings will really enter people's life and become a new normal in the future.

During the epidemic period, the lifestyle of several points and lines in the kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom every day makes people really realize that the comfort of home is extremely important. Everyone's demand for family space and home products is no longer blind, but has a clearer and rational consumption planning.
The above six household consumption patterns are not formed recently, but under the catalysis of the epidemic, the previously neglected demand began to awaken and released significantly.
Finally, it can be determined that under the mutual running in between consumers and home enterprises, the ideals of home life of both sides will reach a high degree of unity, and then give birth to more valuable home products and more healthy and comfortable home space.