Singapore will establish the standard of ship biofuel..

      Singapore will establish the standard of ship biofuel to achieve decarbonization of the shipping industry

      Singapore, the world's largest marine fuel refueling center, plans to establish a national quality standard for marine biofuel refueling, hoping to encourage more ships to use more environmentally friendly fuels.

      This temporary quality standard is jointly formulated by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, the industry, academia and other relevant government departments. In addition, the experimental results of small ships using biofuels will also be released at the end of the year. An expert group is also exploring how to strengthen fuel quality inspection.

      These latest developments in the marine fuel industry were announced at the Singapore International Marine Fuel Industry.

      According to Singapore Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) data, 39447 ships will call at Singapore for refueling in 2021, down 1108 or 2.73% year on year. In 2021, Singapore's bunkering volume of marine fuel oil will be 49.9888 million tons, an increase of 155800 tons or 0.31% year on year. Although the number of refueling ships arriving at the port has decreased, thanks to the increase of HSFO refueling volume, Singapore's marine fuel oil refueling volume has reached the second highest record ever, with the highest record of 50.6364 million tons in 2017.

     In 2021, Singapore will also sell 50000 tons of LNG as marine fuel. In addition, Singapore is also planning the development of other alternative fuel filling operations, such as hydrogen and ammonia, and deploying electric port ships. In the future, Singapore's marine fuel market will remain flexible and will remain the dominant shipping center.